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Sylvia Silverstein has over 30 +  years in the party business. 


Originally trained as a jewelry designer, Sylvia's love of parties and all festive events, led her to start her own party business. She thrives on seeing amazing events with a personality that is uniquely you. She takes your theme and ideas and blows it out to something wonderful


Our process: 

  1. Understand your theme: We sit down with you and get to know your tastes and formulate ideas together.

  2. We prototype a few different samples so you can pick the the right ones. 

  3. We create your favors or decorations. You can pick them up or we can deliver them to your event and even do additional decorations if you need them 


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Party Favors


We do all types of party favors for every event. We can customize to fit your budget. 

Decorations and setup


Need us to deliver and set up? From balloons to centerpieces, let us decorate your event on site. 

Name stations

Center pieces

Table cards

Balloons and decorations

Gift wrapping


A special gift deserves a wrapping to match. Our unique one of a kind wrapping will leave your special someone in  awe. We can wrap anything of any size, We also do gift baskets. 




Get special favors for your special day. We can also supply gift baskets for out of town guests. 

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22720 Ventura Blvd 

Tel: 818.999.0731

Fax: 818.705.0880

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